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Report A Claim

Filing a claim doesn’t have to be complicated.

Losses are unfortunate – but if they happen, we’re here to help with a dedicated claims-handling team and a streamlined process.

How To File

The claims administrator, Sedgwick Claims Management Services, will seamlessly handle your claim with empathy, speed and efficiency.

1. Notify the manager.

Once a loss is discovered, let your storage facility manager know.

2. Contact the police.

If a burglary or vandalism loss has happened, file a police report – even if your storage facility has filed one on their own behalf.

3. Protect your property from further loss.

Try to secure your property and protect it from further damage.

4. Don’t discard damaged goods.

Wait until a claims examiner has contacted you and advised that your damaged items can be discarded. If this isn’t possible, take photos of each item before discarding.

5. Gather what you need to file a claim.

For a smooth claims process, have the following information ready: 

  • Your contact information 
  • Your account information
  • Incident location information
  • Police report case number (if applicable)
  • Description of the loss
  • A list of property damaged in the incident

6. Report your claim.

Conveniently file your claim through either option below:

Over the Phone

Call the Savvy Storage Insurance Program Hotline, toll-free (select option one) to report a claim.


File your claim online through the MySedgwick New Claim Reporting site (Client Access Code: 9637GlobalIntake!).

A claims examiner will contact you in two business days.

For additional information, download these documents:

Claims Details

Proof of Loss Requirements

Before recovering from any loss, provide us with all pertinent records necessary to prove the loss. If requested, send us a sworn statement of the loss within 60 days of our request. Claim payments are based on actual cash value of the property being claimed.


In the case of a claim, you are responsible for the first $100 of any loss. This is your deductible. We will compensate you based on the terms and conditions for any amount above this $100 deductible. You will not be requested to make any payments to the Claims Administrator.

Contacting Sedgwick About Your Claim

If you need further assistance with your claim or need to send claim documentation, email [email protected] with your claim number in the subject line. To ensure a quick response, include your claim number in the subject line.

Ensure your attachment types are in DOC, GIF, HTM, HTML, JPG, PDF, RTF or TIF format. The maximum size capacity is 25 MB per email. At this time Sedgwick cannot accept documents via Dropbox™.

Specialized Insurance for Self-Storage

The Savvy Storage Insurance Program was designed by and for the self-storage industry. It’s a convenient, broad and affordable policy.

Need more help?

Our team of dedicated experts is here to help if you have more questions about coverage or reporting a claim.